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85w bulb cfl - 1

KAEZI 85 Watt Studio Light Bulb 5500K CFL Day Light.

85w bulb cfl - 2

Photography Studio 85 Watt Light Bulb 6500K CFL Day Light by LimoStudio, AGG879

85w bulb cfl - 3

LimoStudio Full Spectrum Lighting Bulb 85W Photography Photo CFL 6500K, 4 Bulbs, daylight pure white, AGG120

85w bulb cfl - 4

ALZO 85W CFL Photo Light Bulb 5500K, 4250 Lumens, 120V, Daylight White Light

85w bulb cfl - 5

EcoSmart 85W Equivalent 2700K R40 CFL Light Bulb, Soft White Case ( 8 Bulbs)s

85w bulb cfl - 6

LimoStudio Photo Video Studio 85 Watt 6500K Full Spectrum Daylight CFL Bulb, AGG696

85w bulb cfl - 7

ALZO 85W Joyous Light Full Spectrum CFL Light Bulb 5500K, 4250 Lumens, 120V, Daylight White Light, Extra Large

85w bulb cfl - 8

ALZO 85W CFL Video-Lux® Photo Light Bulb 3200K, 4250 Lumens, 120V, Warm White Light Ideal for Practical Lighting, Matches Color Temperature of Incandescent, Kino Flo and Osram Bulbs

85w bulb cfl - 9

Luxrite LR20220 85-Watt High Wattage CFL Spiral Light Bulb, Equivalent To 350W Incandescent, Warm White 2700K, 5150 Lumens, E26 Standard Base, 1-Pack


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